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    Quick Question

    Hi guys! I just got hired at Rancho del Zocalo and was hired as a CT (probably because I got accepted during the summer period). But on my application when I applied, I put all "Fully Available", so I was expecting to be a CR. So now, how do I convert from being a CT to a CR? Because as of right now, I'm currently done with school, so I have free time on my hands. I want to work all year round, not just seasonal. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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    Re: Quick Question

    talk to you leads and managers and let them know of your interest to turn CR and more importantly, prove yourself on the job by doing the best you can, every day there. This will prove to your mgmt how serious you are. Also, this also depends on the need after summer whether you can be made a CR. You might have to fill out an application to turn CR as well, that I cannot remember when I was there. Another thing to consider if you really want to turn CR. There might be full time openings in back of the house positions, meaning dish washers positions. I do not know if you woud want to consider that or not, but again it is another possible way to go CR. I did this when I worked PLaza Inn back in 2000. I was hired in CT and wanted to stay as a CR, so I volunteered to work in the Inn Between for a period of time, which I hated, but I made the sacrifice. This last for several months and then the timing was right where I got accepted back at the PI as a CR. Hope this helps. Good Luck

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    Re: Quick Question

    After summer is over there generally are postings to convert from CT to CR statuses. Applications will be reviewed based off of points, performance, and seniority issues. Applications will be available at wherever your scheduling is.

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