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    sand box outfit for sale

    I thought this was cool when I saw it and wanted to share

    1st Item Up 4 Bids on EBAY - Tomasina’s Sandbox Outfit - 330253487881
    Go TO Ebay. The Auction will last 10 Days from Now. This is the first of the outfits I will be selling. Good Luck!

    I'll put up pix in the Tomi Couture Album

    Tomasina's Sandbox Outfit - 330253487881

    Boots by Demonia - Womens 9; Black w/ Silver Buckles; All Man Made Materials
    Blouse by SPACE - Size 44, M; Black; Made In Italy; 72% Acetate/ 28% Polyester; Worn , but in great shape.
    Mini Skirt by Forever 21 - Size S; Black with Pockets and Belt Loops/Belt; 60% Polyester/ 40% Nylon; Worn, but still in good shape.
    Bus-tier by Empire Intimates - Size 34 ; 100% Polyester Exclusive Of Decoration (Flowers, Hooks N Eyes, Lace-Up, Boning) Worn and somewhat torn.
    Soccer Socks by Puma - Size 7 - 10; Yellow w/ Blue Stipes; Worn.
    Briefs by Leg Avenue - M/L; Metalic Silver; 80% Nylon/ 20% Spandex
    Chain Necklace by Sledge on Melrose - Adjustable w/Snaps; Black Genuine Leather; Silver Metal Spikes and Chains. Worn in Good Condition.

    The Back Story On This Outfit

    This was the outfit that I wore for the Las Vegas photo shoot with Mario Basner for Sandbox promo shots. It was taken approximately one month after Tony Love joined the band. Mario Had us running all over the shady ares of Vegas. At gigs we gave away our cards and postcards. This was that outfit. The BOOTS were the 2nd pair I went through. Performed at almost every show I did from about April 2005 to New Years Eve 2007. These guys hopped around with me on the stages of Disneyland's Tommorrowland Terrace, Vegas' Hard Rock Hotel and Casino @ The Joint, In Al Hambra opening up for Joan Jett, And New Years Eve @ The Win River Casino in Redding CA. 2007 and Disneyland 2006 and 2005. They were finally replaced by my 3rd pair of these boots after numerous warnings of concern that I was going to trip on the loose flappy sole. My new pair aren't nearly as comfy.
    The Blouse and the chain/spike necklace made their first appearance when I opened for Lynyrd Skynyrd as "TOMASINA" in 2004. And again in the Sandbox shoot.
    I wore this skirt quite a bit for it was sooooo versatile. Because it was so short, it made my legs look about a foot longer than they were, which I loved.
    The Bus-tier was also worn quite a bit including with my New Years outfit @ Disneyland 2006, and my Easter outfit @ Disneyland 2007. This was one of my favorite accessories because it would slim me down about 2 inches round the mid section. It was kinda hard to breathe and bend, but I loved the slimming action.
    The Soccer Socks were puchased in Monte Carlo after viewing numerous amounts of Futbol games and finding myself very attracted to their socks, not really interested in the game at all. I love soccer socks these are my favorite pair, but I must include them with the outfit..
    If you want the ripped up worn white tights and fishnet stockings that I wore, I will throw those in too, I just didn't think anyone would want them. Probably better to go buy them from Capezios.

    As you know I love creating my outfits for the shows. Sometimes I miss the mark a little, but this one, I was extremely pleased with. I hate to see it go, but I don't like wearing the same outfit twice. Plus I thought It would be cool to auction it off like a piece of art. To me it and all the outfits I am selling aren't just clothes. They ARE my art. They are an expression of myself just like my music and performances. I hope you will encase them in glass for display and enjoy. But if you want to play dress up, that's fine too.

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