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    Club 33

    Hey everyone!! I have a friend who is trying to get into club 33 to propose to his girlfriend but obviously isn't having much luck. In the past i had some connections (knowing people who know people who kind of know people )but these contacts are long gone by now. Would anybody here know of a way to contact a current member who might be able to make a reservation? So if anyone is willing.... obviously i would expect to communicate with them directly so i could give out my phone number to them if they are willing. Thanks guys.

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    Re: Club 33

    I have no idea of anyone but good luck!

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    Re: Club 33

    And good luck!

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    Re: Club 33

    All I can suggest is do like one CM told me...."ask every single person you know and meet if they are a member to Club 33". It apparently worked for him and his sister.
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