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    Graphic Artist job!

    Hey, I just got word that my company is looking for a graphic artist for the office in Monarch Beach (I think that's basically Dana Point, isn't it?). Need to be able to work in Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator (as well as the usual MS Office suite, blah blah blah) Anyway, full time with benefits, to design flyers, postcards, and other materials for realtors. PM me for more info.

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    Re: Graphic Artist job!

    I would fit this job perfectly. Unfortunately, they would have to pay very well since I'd have to commute for an hour each way and that is not counting traffic. Darn! I could use a better job!

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    Re: Graphic Artist job!

    Dang...too bad it's not closer.
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    Re: Graphic Artist job!

    Well, I was going to ask Goonie about it, but even if I did move down south... the commute from San Dimas (where I acually can get a place to live quickly) to Dana Point would have killed me...

    Still, if anyone hears of a Graphic Design/Marketing Assistantship opening, give me a buzz...
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    Re: Graphic Artist job!

    My company is looking for people too. Currently we are looking for the following:

    CALIFORNIA-Corporate in Emeryville CA
    SVP Global Marketing
    Director of Merchandise Strategy & Product Development
    Director of Merchandise Planning
    Director, Online Marketplace
    Software Engineer
    Manager of Financial Planning & Analysis
    Sr. Merchandiser
    Affiliate Program Manager
    Partner Marketing Manager

    CALIFORNIA-Framing - Oakland CA
    *There are no available positions at this time.

    2nd Shift Framer Level I (3)
    Distribution Associates (9)
    2nd Shift Distribution Supervisor
    POD Production Associate
    Lead Framer
    1st Shift Framer Level I

    Data Modeler/Data Architect
    IT/QA Tester

    *There are no positions open at this time

    *There are no positions open at this time
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