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    Popeye 75th anniversary DVD's for sale

    I have bought the Popeye 75th anniversary DVD set about a year ago and only watched 3 out of the 85 episodes available. There are no rips, the DVD's (There are 3 DVD's) are not damaged, and I figured that there may be a bigger Popeye fan out there who would love this stuff. I bought it for $25 and my asking price is in between $10-15 (you tell me how much you would want to pay). I do not have a credit card so thus I do not have pay pal and can only accept checks. I will ship the DVD after I recieve the check and part of the money that I recieve would pay for the shipping and handling. If you are interested, PM me. I also do not ship over seas. You must live in the United States. The whole set has an 8 hour running time and has 85 classic popeye episodes (I believe all of them are in color).

    I just noticed right now that the first DVD has a little bit of damage and I am testing it right now to make sure it is still good. But it only a little damage on the bottom and still has good playback.

    Just got back from testing that DVD and it still works flawlessly.
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