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    Club 33 reservation

    I'm hoping this is worth a try, but if there is anyone who can get me a reservation for 2 before Jan 24th, I'm wanting to propose to my GF of 5 years there. Disneyland is the place it just has to happen for us, she loves it more than anything and I would like to make it special. I play professional baseball and will be leaving for Florida spring training on the 24th and would like to do this before I leave. Please PM me if anyone has any sources that could help with a reservation. I live in San Diego. Thank you.

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    Re: Club 33 reservation

    Score us a couple tickets to a few World Series games and maybe...just maybe.
    But seriously, your first post to the community and you try to bum some C33 passes? Hoo boy.

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    Re: Club 33 reservation

    If I play in the series next year, sure thing! PM me and we'll talk, but I don't want to violate rules. As for trying to bum passes, all I did was ask in a disney community, wasn't expecting such a degrading reply there Steve. This means a lot to me, sorry I'm new here, but the disney community extends way past this forum.

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    Re: Club 33 reservation

    Welcome to MC.
    Maybe as you make friends on here, you'll get lucky and one of them might invite you as a guest.
    Quote by Al:
    To that end I'd like the Internet community to join me in reminding the Disney company that "it all started with Walt." As you can see below we've created some T-shirts, plus a few simple graphics that you can copy and paste into your websites to let folks know how you feel.
    -Al Lutz

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