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    Attn: Murrieta Members - found: Nintendo DSi XL

    I found a Nintendo DSi XL on a sidewalk in Murrieta. It appears to belong to a young girl, probably eight or so. If anyone here knows of someone in or near Murrieta that lost their DSi the other day, please PM me with a description, including the name of the girl it belongs to and I'll make arrangements to return it to the owner.

    I posted this on a couple other boards and I'm putting up some posters tomorrow. I'm giving it to CHOC if I don't get a response within a month or so.

    I know, it's a long shot, but some little girl is probably in tears over this.

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    Re: Attn: Murrieta Members - found: Nintendo DSi XL

    We got a call from the police department when my daughters DSL went missing. I have no idea how they tracked us down but she was happy to have it back. Have you filed a report with them incase anyone calls them to see if it was turned in? I Really hope you find the girl who it belongs to! My daughter was so upset when it went missing I would hate for anyone to go though that.
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