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    Disneyland magic in March- Anyone going??

    Hey there everyone. I'm brand new to Micechat, and I'm almost as big of a Disney fan as you can be. I live in the midwest, but am going to Disneyland for a couple days in March. March 14th and 15th. I'm going on my own and looking for a lady who's in love with the mouse like me. I've found it's way more fun to share the magic with someone that loves it as much as you do. I'll share pics and info with anyone interested, just write back and let me know. Thanks, and "have a magical day"....

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    Re: Disneyland magic in March- Anyone going??

    Welcome to MC!
    (If I read right) good luck on the mate search.
    If not mistaken, there's an area on MC for a friend/mate search.
    If so, they might move your thread over there.
    Again, welcome to our MC family. You'll love it here.
    And hope you find that lady that will make DL/WDW more magical.
    Quote by Al:
    To that end I'd like the Internet community to join me in reminding the Disney company that "it all started with Walt." As you can see below we've created some T-shirts, plus a few simple graphics that you can copy and paste into your websites to let folks know how you feel.
    -Al Lutz

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