2011 Model Vonroll Skyway 24 Gondolas - YouTube Here is the latest video of my Skyway.Im running 24 gondolas in this video.To answer a few of the questions,cost wise.expensive.All of the parts i have made myself.The tower batterys are made from 316 stainless steel.All of the gondolas i produce myself and are molded.I sell the gondolas seperate as well as the entire ride.There are numerous safety switches on my Skyway that will shut the ride off in case of a problem.Wind speed is also a factor in operating.Ride shuts off at wind speeds over 12 mph.The stations are very similar to the Skyway at Disneyland as there is A drive and a tension station.If you want to buy one of these models i do sell them but you need a surveyor as well as some knowlege in concrete work.Foundations vary on this ride.I loved the Disneyland Skyway with all of my heart.This is my lifetime tribute to one deeply missed ride.I patterned this after the Vonroll type 101 skyrides.Thanks for watching..Robert San Diego California