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    Re: Who is Greg Emmer? Your thoughts and opinions please

    If Hill was optimistic about what the loss of Ouimet might mean to the resort, Disneyland cast members (CMs) were not nearly as upbeat in their assessment of things. "Greg Emmer's a nice enough guy," one CM said, "but he's a bit of a cold fish. He lacks Matt's personality and appeal."
    TDA executives, well aware that their sister resort in Florida isn't performing up to expectations, were even more pessimistic. "If true, this will not be good for Disneyland. It's just the excuse they (the Disney Company) need to stop spending money on Disneyland and let things slide again."
    "Disneyland has always done well when it’s been run by people from the studio and entertainment side of the company," he continued. "Greg Emmer, while very good at what he does, is strictly a by-the-numbers operations guy. He's not a creative thinker."
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    Re: Who is Greg Emmer? Your thoughts and opinions please

    Seems that Greg needs a creative partner. A Walt to his Roy, so to speak. But that's just one anonymous person's opinion of him.

    I don't mind his being a numbers guy, as long as he's not a short-term numbers guy.
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