Hooray for blatant self-promotion: I'm selling off a bunch of my old theme park stuff on ebay. The Magic Mountain collection is huge and features ephemera that goes back to 1977, before Colossus! There's also Universal Studios, Sea World, and two small lots of Knott's Scary Farm Halloween Haunt stuff. I've even got a lot of Queen Mary / Spruce Goose memorabilia for sale on ebay. Anybody ever get to visit Reino Aventura theme park in Mexico City to go see Keiko the killer whale, pre-Free Willy? I did, and am selling the theme park map which proves it.

My ebay moniker is lynxwild. Look me up and see what I've got for sale!

MAGIC MOUNTAIN Six Flags theme park ephemera, Bugs Bunny souvenir map postcards | eBay
Queen Mary Spruce Goose map guide paper ephemera theme park button postcard Deco | eBay
Knott's Scary Farm, Halloween Haunt plastic logo monster cups Berry | eBay
Mexico City theme park Reino Aventura, wax museum map guidebook postcards Anthro | eBay
Disneyland 50th pin set, LE advent calendar series Pele Tiki House Future Disney | eBay