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    A New Year, A New Idea.

    Happy new year mice chatters, with the coming new year, i thought id launch something iv'e wanted to do for awhile now. I am launching the Daily Disney Photo tumblr. The whole premise of this site is to curate cool photos of our trips in the past. I have several ideas for special events like maybe a month focusing on just one attraction or show. Also photos could have descriptions of the camera settings or have conversations between you and the photographer. A few rules when submitting them.
    1. No inappropriate or rude images
    2. Make sure you took the photo (not plagiarized)
    3. The original image can be edited but not to the extreme
    4. ALL photos must be in a Disney Park
    5. Have fun.
    The idea is simple, everyday i will post a photo of the theme parks. You can subscribe to the RSS feed if you want to get notified immediately when the next photo is posted.

    I will be starting to collect photos on the 1st of January and will post the contact email here soon

    happy new year:
    The Daily Disney Photo

    EDIT: It took some time adjusting back to school but here is the email to submit photos. dailydisneyphoto[at]

    **can't wait to see you’re photos.
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