For the past year or so, I've poured my heart and soul into my upcoming film, "The Monstar Movie". Currently, I'm putting together a fundraising campaign to help furnish the final tools needed to complete the film.

About the film

The Monstar Movie follows Jake, an openly gay teen, who's been transformed into a monster on Halloween night. The film takes a few interesting and colorful
twists and turns as the newly transformed Jake ravages everyone in his path and ultimately finds himself in Hollywood’s biggest underground party.

"The Monstar Movie" takes inspiration from the colorful fantasy/horror films of the 1980's and attempts to create an 80's revisionist style all it's own.
Think “Thriller” meets “The Labyrinth”. Conceptually, "The Monstar Movie" aims to shed some light on the issue of homophobia within the gay community.

I've had enormous amounts of support on this project and it's become a labor of love everyone involved. Now that "The Monstar Movie" is in the final days of
production, I'm hoping to spread the word about the campaign to ensure that "The Monstar Movie" is completed.

So, if you could, please consider visiting the Indiegogo page and spread the word by telling your friends and family. And of course, you're welcome to donate as well.