Right now, you have an opportunity to help kids like Anna Liberty. It doesn’t take a dime – just a few minutes of your time. (Hey, that rhymes!)

A minute of your time means a lifetime to kids and adults with XP. You can cast up to three votes for the Xeroderma Pigmentosum Family Support Group between SEPT 6-19th!

1. Go to the XPFSG Chase Giving voting Page -http://tinyurl.com/VoteXP
2. Click “Vote”
3. If you don’t already have the Chase Community Giving app, a pop-up box will appear. Allow Access.

4. SEARCH FOR XERODERMA AND VOTE!5. Click “Like” to POST to your FB Newsfeed! Or, FB Mail Friends! Or, TWEET link! If someone votes via the link you share, you earn 1 bonus vote! (notification will show in same place as birthdays near Newsfeed).

6. VOTE for a 2nd charity. Remember to earn a possible Bonus vote, you MUST use 2nd vote.
7. Chase online banking customers only can vote viahttp://www.chasegiving.com/

Please share this and invite your friends to vote. XP Family Support Group can still earn a grant with your help!