Hey everybody! One of my favorite hobbies is looking up Disney songs in foreign languages-- from Spanish to French to Korean to Estonian to Icelandic and Arabic and everything in between. It's fascinating to see how each song's personality slightly changes with each new language and each new singer. And since many of these versions are uploaded to YouTube with subtitles and translations (direct, word-for-word translations), not only can you hear the way the song sounds in a different language, but you can understand what the singer is saying in each new version and hear these beautiful new lyrics.

I'm continually enchanted with each new version that I hear of a Disney song, and thought it would be a fun project to launch a Facebook page that daily shares a new Disney song in a different language. Since I recently launched the page, I'm really hoping for more followers. If this sounds like something you would enjoy, please, feel free to follow the link below and "like" the page:

Disney Songs in Different Languages | Facebook

(eventually, I might start a blog for this project as well, when I have a little more time and more followers)

¡Muchas gracias! ありがとう. Merci beaucoup! спасибо. Danke!