I know this isn't relevant to park discussion, but it definitely is related to the parks! If anyone here has tumblr, facebook, twitter, anything and could promote this incredible project I've been apart of, I'll be forever grateful. The picture looks like this;
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The project is to hold a previous photo you've taken years before, and place it exactly where it is or would be in the present day. You then write a message to that photograph or memory and can share it with thousands of people on dearphotograph.com.
The website has become so popular that many of the photos have been featured in a book, and I found the inspiration to take some of my photos along to the parks about 3 weeks ago after I'd seen another fellow do the same on Main St.
If anyone you know has a tumblr blog, please like and reblog. Anyone else, could you please promote and support it? It would mean the absolute world to me. If not, I hope you as well use this for inspiration to do the same.

The link:
Dear Photograph