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    "The Disneyland Geek" Kickstarter Project

    Hello fellow Micechatters,

    Let me start off by saying that this is one of my favorite websites to see what's going on at the Disney Parks. I check here every day for the latest news. I'm currently in the sharing business myself with a series on YouTube called "The Disneyland Geek". It's where I share the latest news about the Disneyland resort. But I want to do more with my videos. I want to add more segments, like sharing my favorite memories of the park, do some sketches, even cook Disney dishes. But I need to update my filming equipment and get new software to help make the videos stand out. So I started a Kickstarter project to help raise the money. I'm currentlly at $125 of the $4000 I need with less then a week to reach my goal. I have very nice rewards lined up for whatever you can donate. Disneyland really holds a special place in my heart. It's my happiest place on earth and I hope you will help me out. You can find the link to my project below. Thank you very much.

    "The Disneyland Geek" Project by Casey Karapetian — Kickstarter

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    Re: "The Disneyland Geek" Kickstarter Project

    Maybe my stories (click the link in my signature) will get you some inspiration for segments. I have a lot more stories on the way i promise!

    It's about Tilly (me) and my friends (the animatronics) and what they do when everyone leaves the park. Enjoy!
    -> -> <- <-
    Stories of Disneyland from an animatronic's point of view

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