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    Dis After Dark Podcast

    Hi Micechat Forums just thought I'd let you know that Dis After Dark Podcast has joined the wonderful MicePod Podcast Network, so please go & check out the show. Doug Barnes & Dusty Sage are guests on the latest episode so why not pour yourself a drink & join the boys down The Mouses Head Pub & chat all things Disney. Let us know what you think. I help out behind the scenes & if you'd like to be a guest to sink a pint & chat Disney drop us an email to [email protected]

    DisAfterDark €“ The Disney Podcast with a difference. (we also cover Orlando and Disneyworld) » Disafterdark Disney Podcast , Episode 43 €“ The Last one €. before something big happens
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    Re: Dis After Dark Podcast

    And here is one of the Co-hosts if you wish to say Hi :-)

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    Re: Dis After Dark Podcast

    Me too {waves}

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    Re: Dis After Dark Podcast

    Just listened to the latest episode. Good show! Glad to know there are other podcasters out there who enjoy a good drink and some Disney talk!
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