IDK if this is where I should post this so mods feel free to move this if needed. I recently wrote and publised a book and am trying to gain traffic to the twitter and facebook pages and also to my book so here is my contest
$50 gift card giveaway!
Here's how it works. Like RENTACOPS on
Facebook and also REFER a friend to like us
on Facebook. Have a friend or friends post your name on

the page and you're entered as many times as a new friend likes and comments on the facebook page. For more

chances to win follow us on twitter and send
us a tweet using the hashtag #RENTACOPS and RENTACOPSBOOK That will get you another entrty. For more entries via twitter just like facebook have a friend tweet us using the mentioned hash tags and your name.

Contest ends 12/17/2013
(Facebook page must reach 1000 likes for

gift card to be awarded. Only one gift card it up for grabs for only one person.)
Here are the links to facebook page and twitter account.


Where you may buy a copy of the book as well Rent-A-Cops eBook: Tony Garcia, Sharrely Silva, Noe Esquivel: Kindle Store