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    University Student - A Survey based on Mickey Mouse for Dissertation.

    If you have a few minutes to spare, I would really appreciate it if everyone could fill this survey out for me.
    I'm in my final year of university in England, and currently writing my dissertation which is titled'How Did Mickey Mouse Evolve Over The Years and How Hes Still Popular Today?'
    So this survey is aimed to collect information from as many people as possible on their views not only on Mickey Mouse, but animated cartoon characters.
    If you guys could fill it out it would be much appreciated. I would also really appreciate it if you could spread the link to my survey out further to help me out.

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    Re: University Student - A Survey based on Mickey Mouse for Dissertation.

    Done, but don't have questions that have a button for yes or no as well as a box for "other" - where if you answer in the other box the survey is rejected requiring either a yes or no. If there is an "Other" then make it a valid option unto itself.

    I would think if you are at University doing your dissertation - you would have knowledge on how to craft effective surveys. But maybe my expectations are too high...

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