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Thread: ATTN: IRC Users

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    ATTN: IRC Users

    Need some help here... I'm sure a few of you hang out at #disney-central often, so a few here should find this of interest.

    Well, my roommate has been a really big presence on IRC for a long time and he's recently opened up a website designed as a web-based community for other IRC users. It's pretty much like a MySpace of IRC at the moment...

    Well, the site's only 3 days old and already it has more than 50 users, which is a pretty decent start for something that just popped out of nowhere.

    But we need some input -- ideas, changes, etc.

    The website:

    Some features so far:

    Profile that contains listings of your usual channels and servers
    Photo Galleries
    Private Messaging

    More to come, but we need input -- suggestions, problems, ideas, etc. Consider this to be a beta testing period since the site is so new.

    I am one of the admins at the site, so you can just contact me about the site if you'd like. My nick there is Boojum.
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