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    Cool The Bop Shop Returns finally!!

    Hello Gang!

    Live From The bop Shop returns to the airwaves tonight after a short, but frusterating hiatus! And we have a new time! I will be on the air tonight (barring any bad storms, server problems, or the Rapture) from 9 PM-1 AM Eastern (6- 10 PM Pacific time)!

    There will be a special theme tonight. Friday night's show was to be the beginning of summr show. But we had some problems so that's what we're doing tonight.

    You can tune in by following this link: Or you can click this one if you have any trouble and you will be sent in the right direction.

    I would love to hear from all of you tuned in out there. Questions, comments, requests, dedications, deep desires, and even complaints (Please try and be constructive in your criticism...My ego bruises easily LOL) are more than welcome. To get in touch with me you can do either of these things:

    1. PM me here on Micechat
    2. IM on Yahoo Messenger (bdbopper is my screen name)
    3. E-mail me [email protected]
    4. Sign the guestbook on

    Even with a themed show tonight I will still be having the requests hour. Tonight the request hour will take place at 10 PM Eastern (7 PM Pacific time) I will be more than happy to play anything you all want to hear. Just ask. I WILL PLAY WHAT YOU SAY!!! If I don't have it. I will find it and get it on for you during the next show.

    Do you want a heads up on the show? Join the BD Bopper Fan club on MiceChat Gold! Just go into your MiceClubs tab and you'll find it there

    If you don't subscribe to MiceChat gold, why not? It's a whole lotta fun. Only a dollar a month (12 bucks a year) gets you access to special Gold-only forums, the ability to join and create your own MiceClubs, your very own MiceSpace blog, the ability to post your own MiceShot photos, a chance to win trophys at the MiceGames Arcade, use of the MiceChat Chat room whenever you please. Be there or be a Rectangle, cause Square is too cliche!!
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    We are 100% grade A Disney Dorks.

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    Re: The Bop Shop Returns finally!!

    Brian, glad too see you're doing well...I will listen when I can...

    God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

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