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    Border Patrol (sorry, but I had to)

    Persecuted because they were doing their jobs.… That’s precisely what has happened to two U.S. Border agents who are each facing 20 year prison terms for pursuing an illegal alien who had crossed our border and physically assaulted one of the agents.

    This outrageous injustice took place near El Paso, Texas—a hotbed of illegal activity, where drug smugglers, and violent gang members illegally crossing from Mexico are often encountered. On February 17, 2005, U.S. Border Ignacio Ramos (a former nominee for border patrol agent of the Year), and Jose Compean attempted to apprehend a fleeing illegal alien at our border.

    Today, both are facing 20 year prison terms, and even more outrageous, this same illegal alien is now suing the U.S. for $5 million claiming his civil rights were violated. Click here to read the report.
    Reagardless on how improper they may have acted (I am not judging) 20 years is way too long, and the guy gettingimmunity to testify was a slap in the US's face.
    Please sign, if you feel the way I do. 20 years is way too long.

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    Re: Border Patrol (sorry, but I had to)

    it wont let you send your signature with having to make a donation... hmmm
    Come to the dark side,
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    Re: Border Patrol (sorry, but I had to)

    I was able to sign with no problem. You have to leave option 3 blank. if you ask to have it faxed, they will charge you.

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