I'm not sure if this is the right place for this - if it isn't Mods please help!
Some of you know I work with a traveling Drama Company called Covenant Players. We travel all around the world doing drama in churches, schools (public and private), nursing and retirement homes, military bases, prisons - basically anywhere there are people. We travel in small groups of three or four people is a specific geographical region. Normally I'm no where near California - however this time around (from now till the beginning of June) I will be touring around Southern California!!!!!!!
Basically I want to put what we do out here and see if we could be of service to any of you! As mentioned we do drama - but we don't have a set program. We have over three thousand plays and we ask the groups that we work with for a theme so we can hit their needs. We tailor make each of our programs for that theme, the audience, and the time length. While we are a Christian group we do have plays that are appropriate for non-Christian/religious organizations (i.e. we do a lot of work in the Public Schools).
If anyone is interested in more information just let me know! I LOVE what I do and just want to be able to share it with more people. A side note - because we travel all the time (we have no 'home base') we are always staying in other people's homes. We have a pretty good housing base here in So. Cal but we are always looking for new people to house us - it is a weird thing I know. But we are nice. Hehe. Just putting that out there as well.
Anyway - just thought I would share what I do and see if we may be able to work with any of you at some point! Thanks for reading!!