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    If anyone would like to help provide diapers to low income mommies

    A dear family friend started a charity a couple years ago and today I got an email from her husband and wanted to pass it on is case anyone would like to help out.
    Thank you!


    Two years ago my wife, Caroline, co-founded the
    LA Diaper Drive with a
    friend she met in Babygroup, Melissa Ratcliff.
    They started this charity
    because they want to help low-income moms in LA
    who are forced to choose
    every day whether to buy food or diapers.

    LA Diaper Drive is a group of mothers and their
    friends who provide diapers
    to low-income moms in the Los Angeles area. No
    one takes a salary. They
    are all volunteers. Now I am asking you to take
    a moment to join them in
    helping these families.

    Motherıs Day is May 13th and LA Diaper Drive
    wants to make it extra-special
    for low-income moms in LA. They are asking for
    your tax-deductible donation
    that will go directly to the purchase of
    discounted diapers. Every dollar
    is needed, and any contribution will help.

    LA Diaper Drive currently support four programs:

    1) Every Motherıs Day, they provide a monthıs
    worth of diapers to 100
    low-income women delivering babies at Womenıs
    and Childrenıs Hospital at LA
    County/USC Medical Center through Project Angel
    and Angel Interfaith

    2) They provide diapers year round to
    low-income moms who attend a series
    of classes on nutrition, discipline, school
    readiness, and other important
    parenting skills through Brownsen House in Boyle

    3) They recently partnered with Friends of the
    Family to provide diapers
    year round to parents ages 13-21 who participate
    in the organizationıs Young
    Moms/Young Dads, a comprehensive parent education
    and personal development
    program that teaches job training and family
    planning, as well as providing
    support so that the parents can complete high
    school and attend college.

    4) They provide diapers to homeless mothers
    through organizations such as
    the Los Angeles Homeless Shelter Authority and
    Project Safe.

    Please help make this Mother's Day a better one
    for those mothers who need
    your help. LA Diaper Drive's discounted diaper
    price allows them to buy a
    one-day supply of diapers for one newborn for
    just $1. That means a $30
    donation provides one newborn with diapers for
    one month and $120 (the cost
    of a pair of designer jeans) will provide four
    newborns with a monthıs
    supply of diapers each. $510 will supply 17
    newborns with a monthıs worth
    of diapers. Any contribution is greatly

    If you prefer, they will provide you with a
    Motherıs Day card to turn your
    donation into a Motherıs Day gift.

    You can donate via credit card on their website,
    <> , or write a check
    to LA DIAPER DRIVE and mail
    it the address below. Remember, itıs

    LA Diaper Drive

    PO Box 192

    Pacific Palisades, CA 90272

    Thank you very much for considering this critical
    donation. Please forward
    this to any friends you think might be interested
    in this cause.

    Thank you,
    Matt Kunitz
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    Re: If anyone would like to help provide diapers to low income mommies

    Sounds like a great organization. Thanks for the info!

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    Re: If anyone would like to help provide diapers to low income mommies

    Wow, that's a really cool cause. I think I'd heard of it once before, but not in such great detail!

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    Re: If anyone would like to help provide diapers to low income mommies

    As I have said, they are dear family friends and I am in awe at how they started this on their own. In fact, Max almost was part of it, she was trying to get a pic of a baby crawling away from the camera in diapers, but looking back at the camera but Max had been walking a while and I couldn't get him to crawl, hehehee.
    In addition to flowers and a giftcardsomewhere, im going to also make a donation in my mom's honor for mom's day!
    MCDA - A Healthier, Happier Me!

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