Hi everyone, i was recently in Gattlingurg, Tn- 6/9/2007 -and met a guy and a girl that work at disney world in orlando, fl. The girls name is Lisa and she said that she is originally from california but moved to orlando and is 25 yrs old, the guy which is maybe her friend/co-worker is from ohio. I think Lisa plays the character minnie, and sometimes tinker belle. Can anyone help me find them or her. we sat in the streets of gattlinburg for a while talking and i never even thought to give them my number or ask for theirs, just wasnt thinking. But now i wish i had of exchanged numbers b/c i really want to take them up on the offer to go to disney world and they will kinda show me around. Please help me find her or him, thank you all!!!!! Jason Fox [email protected]