Hello everyone!

If anyone is looking for a place to download videos of the attractions in the Disney Parks, look no further! Disney Central Torrents has over-hauled itself with new software in order to iron out the bugs in the old site, so I'm here promoting it again!

Disney Central Torrents uses the popular BitTorrent technology to release and distribute multimedia, such as audio and video, from the Disney theme parks. Because we use this method, we can offer the highest quality video captures that you'll find without sacrificing download speeds and server reliability. The interesting thing about BitTorrent is that the more people that have downloaded or are downloading a file, the faster it is for everybody. We also have a small but growing community, supported by the integrated phpBB forums and shoutbox. So I welcome everybody to come try it out!


Disney Central Torrents is part of the mIRC #disney-central community, which is well known for releasing much of the best Disney content out there, such as the Disneyland Retrospective audio collection and Martin Smith's ride tribute videos.

Once again: