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    so a friend of mine is trying to rebuild his house...

    A friend of mine is trying to rebuild his house on the property that he owns. The foundation is there already from the previous house that was demolished. Problem is, he is having difficulty raising the $30,000 or so for the lumber he needs to frame the house, and for roof trusses and the like. His mortgage company is willing to refinance him after the house is reframed, so getting the rest of the materials is no problem. He is a general contractor, and can do most of the work himself. It's just getting that first amount that is difficult. Would anyone here happen to know of any charitable organizations that might be able to help him out?

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    Re: so a friend of mine is trying to rebuild his house...

    I don't know about charitable organizations, but have him check with his city's department of housing and urban development (or similar department).

    Another thing to look at would be a construction loan. I know Wells Fargo does them.

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