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    Walt Disney's California Adventure

    I don't consider Jim Hill a reliable person when it comes to rumors, but I just thought I would let you all know. Here is the articale:

    According to Jim they are changing the name of DCA to Walt Disney's California Adventure. He also talks about some of the changes that is suppost to come from that rumored 1.2 billion dollars.

    P.S.- If this was already posted, sorry.
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    Re: Walt Disney's California Adventure

    interesting ideas. Unfortunately, the limited ride capacity of the Carolwood for Walt's friends and relatives was what sparked the idea for Disneyland. I can't see the culmination 52 years later of all the work that went into the park leading to...the carolwood. It's cool for history buffs, but there aren't as many of us as it seems.
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    Re: Walt Disney's California Adventure

    Intersting... as for the retheming DCA to a more specific timing in Walt's life. Al has posted on that beore in the past and I believe that is the plan for DCA. However; the adding Walt to the DCA. I am unsure of... Not a bad idea really. I doubt them taking out the winery for the estates.

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    Re: Walt Disney's California Adventure

    Cool idea, but... that's a little different than Al's article. Paradise Pier was supposed to become Mictorian, so when did Walt visit the Victorian seashore?? And how would the park be able to update rides, if everything's dated to the past? Just a few thoughts.
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    Re: Walt Disney's California Adventure

    This sounds like a pretty amazing plan, but because of Jim Hills track record I'll believe it when I see it.

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