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The following message was sent to me and I wanted to pass it along!

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On April 19, Annette's younger son, Jason Gilardi, will take part in the Tulsa, Okla., MS Walk on behalf of his team, Annette's Amazing Angels OK. He and his team have been participating in the walk for several years. I know some of you donate directly to Annette's fund, but I thought I would link you to Jason's home page in case you'd like to make a donation to him or his team. I think it would be great to show our support for Annette, the cause and Jason, who has been such a loving son. You don't have to donate a lot -- even $5 will help find a cure. If you do donate, and you fill in the prompt where you list your name as a donor, I'd like to suggest you add (Annette Fan Club) in parentheses after your name so Jason knows her fans are behind him.



Let's Hold those banners high High High! and show some support as Jason and his team fight for our favorite Mouseketteer and everyone who suffers from the horrible diseas that is MS!