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    Re: Is Your Local 'Disney Store' Closing Too?

    And now for some Good News
    Jim Hill recently posted an article regarding the future of The Disney Stores and it looks to be the most encouraging news I have heard thus far:

    As for an actual business plan for the Disney Stores ... Well, DCP insiders that I spoke with this week kept referencing "Back to the Future." As in: The key to the Disney Store's future success is to embrace the way that this retail chain used to be run back in the mid-1990s. Back when DS Cast Members were being encouraged to embrace the MAGIC Guest Service program. As in:

    Maintain Your Presence
    Assess Your Guest
    Greet Your Guest
    Individualize Service

    In short, Disney Consumer Products is looking for a return of the sort of the Guest Service that the Disney Stores used to have. Back when the store's employees were actively encouraged to exceed Guests expectations. Rather than just push the plush.
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