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    Game Website

    Hello everybody,

    Have you ever wished that you could just fling your boss into the blender and blend him? You can now do it in JoeCartoon's 'Blend your Boss'. The game is designed as a stress-buster for all those infuriated with their bosses. You can shoot a flying duck, land it on the seesaw and propel your boss into the blender, earning points on how cleanly you land him in the blender. You can earn extra bullets by shooting gerbils and boss-monsters. You shoot your boss- that's the end of the game!

    Check out the game-

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    Joemomma Joy...

    Hi everyone,

    Joemomma & the 10-pump BB gun', is an unusually hilarious interactive video. Designed for the viewer to fire every time, to see a hysterical consequence. The video's about how Joemomma fires his gun 10 times, with a unique, side-splitting effect each time it is fired. The gerbil, hanging from the branch of a tree, is witty with his timely comments and Joemomma's responses and reactions don't fail to amuse!

    And, here's the video link-

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