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    Regular meets in DL?

    Hey MCers from CA!

    Do you have a weekly meet-up? I thought I remembered reading about a weekly or monthly meet on Sundays...?

    I've been to WDW countless times, but I have the chance to get out to CA in May. Of course, it's AFTER the Gumball Rally, dang it!! I thought it would be nice to say hi to fellow MCers when I experience DL for the first time.

    I poked through some of the threads, but couldn't find any basic info on regular meets. Thanks for any info!
    - Larisa

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    Re: Regular meets in DL?

    Every Sunday, at noon, in the hub by the Partners statue!
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    Re: Regular meets in DL?

    Here's what's listed on our calendar for every sunday:
    Join us every Sunday at Disneyland for the MiceChat traditional Noon meet and Greet.

    You'll find us in the Central Hub (Just next to the Walt and Mickey statue).
    We tend to chat and socialize for about half an hour and then break off to have lunch and ride a few attractions. Feel free to come and go as you please. Groups may stick together or may break apart at any time. It is a very informal and free-form event, and a lot of fun.

    Here is the location of a meet pinpointed on a Google Map: MiceChat Meet Location

    If you've never been to a noon meet and are interested, please don't be shy. Just step right up to anyone and say "Hi, I'm new - my name is . . . " and in no time, you'll be an old friend. If you are really shy, contact someone in advance and let us know you'll be there; we'll arrange to introduce you to the group.

    Join us, won't you!

    -The MiceChat Crew
    We hope you'll join us!

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