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    4-5 year old meet ups??

    We're flying in for Disneyland in early September (but after the marathon) and would love to find other 4-5 year olds (and their parents, of course) that want to play. We have a 4-year old daughter, turning 5 in December, so other girls would be nice so they could be princesses together. But she's also very active and loves playing with boys, too. We love Disneyland and enjoy it with her (went in 2009), but we could never replace sharing its joys with other kids her age. Any ideas??

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    Re: 4-5 year old meet ups??

    What a good idea; I wish I knew some younger kids to take to the parks.
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    Re: 4-5 year old meet ups??

    Thanks for the acknowledgment twobluestripes (may I call you blue?)! Yes, we are very lucky to have a young child to take to Disneyland. Disneyland will always be special to me and it's great to now enjoy it through her eyes. I think I'll try starting a similar thread on a more "trafficked"(?) section of the forums. This sub-forum doesn't move much, does it...

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