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    Gumball Rally Kinda event in WDW?

    I would love to Fly to DisneyLand to do the Gumball Rally, but alas I live in FL and don't have the time or money. There should be some event in WDW like this. A cool thing is that over the 4 parks trying to plan your day to get to all the parks and whatever, or like do MK in one day, and then have one day with all the others or just 2 or something. I really would love to have something like in WDW, Namely cuz time management is ALOT harder when dealing with buses or car travel, or monorail timing, i think it'd be hard and fun to try/do.

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    Re: Gumball Rally Kinda event in WDW?

    MC has actually done the Gumball Rally once before in WDW, in 2008. Hopefully they'll try it again soon, which I'm sure is on the cards.

    I'm still hoping for the bicoastal Rally that was hinted at last year.
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