Does anyone here use FRS Radio? I thought it would be a good idea to start using them at park meets because they are more practical than cell phones. The limitation with cell phones is that you have to know in advance who is going to be at a park meet and exchange numbers. FRS might be a good idea if you're are running late you can radio in advance from several miles away, or even if you're not going to be in range by noon you can radio when you get into range without even having to know who is present at the meets. I brought one once and I heard quite a bit of traffic when I turned off the quiet code (technology that allows people who are on the same channel to not interfere with each other) so I'm by no means the only person to use one at Disneyland.
They're actually easier to use than cellular telephones, and they're cheap. They're sold in pairs and I've seen pairs on Ebay for $30-$40.
I'm proposing a "micechat standard" of channel 11 quiet code 38 (in reference to George Lucas THX-1138) so for those of you who have these radios, I encourage you to start bringing them to Disneyland when you go to park meets, I will bring mine when I start going again.

You can see what they look like here Motorola Talkabout MB140R 14-Mile 2-Way Radios (Pair) : Walkie-talkie (2-way) radios |