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    Question Team Themes Encouraged at MiceQuest/GR?

    Just curious if we're encouraged to come up w/ creative team names/themes for MQ/GR. If so, I need to put my thinking cap on...

    Sorry if I missed this info somewhere else...

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    Re: Team Themes Encouraged at MiceQuest/GR?

    I dont' know if we're supposed to, but I know several teams (mine included) are coming up with names, etc. Have fun with it!

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    Re: Team Themes Encouraged at MiceQuest/GR?

    Have fun with it, but remember that Disney doesn't allow costumes into the parks, so don't go THAT far. However, goofy hats, cool shirts, all that stuff is fine.

    And it's your choice if you want to or not. We're not keeping a formal track of 'team' names before the event, but you'll write them on your packet.
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