Can you sail under the command of a pirate,
or can you not? For all Mice Chat Pirate fans,

it's time to show your true pirate spirit!

Arrgggg! Even Miss Swan be dressing as a
pirate these days! So now it's time for the
rest of us to join the pillaging and plundering.
We shan't be left out of our share of the treasure,
cursed it be, or not!!!!

So come show yerselves as the scallywags
we are! Puffyshirts and eyeline are appropriate
For All MiceChatters All day Sunday the 16th
Day of July, in the Year 2006!

So be it, Regular Sunday Micechat Meet,
Singles Meet, celebrating the last day of
Disneyland being 50 years old meet, all you pirates,
come out and show your pirate colors!!
Be sure to wear those puffy shirts ~ and eye liner!