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    MiceChat DrinkUp questions

    I've wanted to come to a meet for a while now, but I just haven't had the desire to get an AP or spend a full day's admission price. This DrinkUp event sounds like a lot of fun, is it the same people who meet at the regular Hub meets? This is going to sound really dumb, but I've only been to Downtown Disney once without going into the park and I don't know if there's free parking for just Downtown Disney and the Hotel. If there is free parking available, where is it located?

    I have no idea where the Hearthstone Lounge is, I think I know where the Lost Bar is (kind of in the middle of the Hotel plaza) but I have to drive back home and work the next day so I probably won't stay past midnight. Is the Cove Bar located inside DCA or in Downtown Disney?

    And finally, are any of you going for sure? I'd be nice if I could get someone's cell phone number (you can PM it to me please) who is going for sure because as die-hard of a Disneyland fan as I am, and I am extremely die-hard Disneyland, I just don't know my way around outside Disneyland's berm at all.

    Thanks, and I hope to see a lot of you guys there this Sunday!

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    Re: MiceChat DrinkUp questions

    Athlonacon: Thanks for the great questions! There's a "meet up" portion of the site, with threads specifically on meeting up in groups, or otherwise.

    I can answer part of your question -- the Hearthstone Lodge is in the Grand Californian Hotel, and the Cove Bar is in the Paradise Pier section of Disney's California Adventure.

    There is free parking in the downtown Disney lot for 3 hours, 5 hours if you get validation. The lot is between the Mickey and Friends parking structure, and the Disneyland Hotel, off Disney way.

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    Re: MiceChat DrinkUp questions

    a lot of the same people from hub meets will be at the drinkup... cove bar is in dca, hearthstone in the grand cal hotel, and lost bar is indeed in the middle of the dland hotel courtyard... we will most likely be the large amusingly loud and wild group...

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