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    October 25th Wishes Pontoon Boat Cruise

    Hi MiceChatters,

    I have booked a Wishes Premium Pontoon Boat Cruise for Wednesday October 25th. There is room for (UPDATE 8/15) 5 adults on a Cruise w/sound on the Seven Seas Lagoon October 25. The Pontoon boat comes from the Grand Floridian Resort, arriving at the (UPDATE 8/15) Polynesian Resort Marina at 8:00, the Boat Leaves the dock of the Polynesian Resort at 8:30pm.

    The cost of $30.00pp covers 1/10 of my cost of $250.00 for the cruise and a 20% tip for the Driver/Captain.

    The Cost includes a driver, bagged snacks (pretzels, chips, popcorn), water and Coke products. Other food and beverage items are available through Yacht Club Private Dining at 407-934-3160. You may not bring your own food or beverages on board. Smoking is not permitted on the boat.

    If you're interested in joining us, you can contact me at [email protected]

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