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    Tonight (11/13/06) 'Believe...' Fireworks Filming Semi-Meet - 7:00 PM

    Since I know there's a lot of new people at the park that I'd like to meet, I thought I'd sorta set up a mini-meet for tonight since I'll be at the park to film the fireworks. If you're around, stop by in front of the castle at 7:00 pm or so and say hi even if you don't want to stick around and see the fireworks. Fireworks are at 7:45 pm and the park closes at 8:00 pm.

    If anyones interested, the Lost Bar could be the Post-Park destination.
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    Re: Tonight (11/13/06) 'Believe...' Fireworks Filming Semi-Meet - 7:00 PM

    Ooooooooh I wish I could, but I really dont want to sit in 2 hours of traffic.
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