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    Planning ahead; anyone interested?

    Hey MC gang,

    If you've not already out, my partner and I will be in the Orlando area from Friday night, February 23rd, 2007 through March 2nd. I know it to be an awkward time of year--everyone is in the midst of school, work and life in general.

    But I figured I'd ask--anyone want to meet? I was thinking that Sunday afternoon about lunch time--any park in the WDW property.

    We're staying at the new suites over at the All-Star Music resorts. Our best friend and colleague (he's single--boys? Anyone?) might also be tagging along, insisting he's never been to Florida and is dying to see it with us, the old pros.

    We're going for my 37th birthday--the actual date being on Tuesday. Not sure what we'll be doing then. I'm thinking more and more it will be another lap around the World Showcase at EPCOT, my personal fav.

    So, should you find yourself in the world during that time, let me know; I think there might be a weekly meet anyhowtizer on that Sunday as it were--if someone could give me the specifics, I'll probably be there!

    *my partner is a bit on the shy side. I don't know if he'll show or not, I try to give him that option. He might go shopping, a habit I truly encourage for it benefits me the most, whilst I met with the MCers and get together. He'll stop by, that's for sure, but I doubt he'll stay. He's kinda cute that way!

    Again, just planning ahead and seeing if anyone is interested!

    Peace out,
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    Re: Planning ahead; anyone interested?

    Hey I'd love to meet you!!! Unfortunatly... I'm in California...

    But if you ever come to Disneyland, I would so try to be there!

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    Re: Planning ahead; anyone interested?

    Exactly what pengie said. COME HERE!!! We're closer and we're funner

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