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    08/04/07 - Olszewski Meet

    This is the piece I'VE been waiting for, and since I didn't get it online I'll be getting up extra early to get this. So, who else is going to be up for this?

    I'm not sure at what time the parking lots are open, but I am planning on being there at 7am for park opening and race off to the Disneyana shop ... in the hopes that the line won't be too long once the event starts.

    Then, hopefully after the event we could meet up somewhere for breakfast/brunch, I'm thinking Riverbelle Terrace.

    Event: Plaza Pavilion ~ Enchanted Tiki Room ~ Aladdin's Oasis Sculpture Release & Signing

    Special Guests: Miniaturist, Robert Olszewski

    Date: Saturday, August 4, 2007

    Time: 9:00 AM - NOON

    Location: Disneyana Shop

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    Re: 08/04/07 - Olszewski Meet

    As huge Adventureland fan, I was looking forward to the
    TikiRoom/Aladdin's Oasis piece, but after seeing this in
    person, I am really disappointed. Especially that the
    entrance to Adventureland was combined with the entrance
    to Frontierland. The Tiki Room piece is really bland, the
    colors aren't right, and it just doesn't capture the tropical
    feel that is Adventureland.

    Even though it wasn't in the exact style of the Tiki Room,
    I MUCH preferred the Big Figure of the Tiki Room, that DL
    had a year or two ago.

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