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    To those who went to They Might Be Giants at DTD in October...

    Hey folks,

    To the fun folks who saw the Giants at the House of Blues..I remember all your faces, but not everyone's names or handles. Since I don't post on the board much..are any of you on Facebook? I'd like to stay in touch..if you happen to be a FaceCrack addict..let me know, PM me, or otherwise, I would totally like to add you to my friends list and stay in touch. Just remind me who you are, and what we talked about, and I'll remember you. Here's who I do remember-

    Fishbulb of course

    now, it gets murky..
    Was that Mary Read and mccow down in front with us?

    and I am ashamed to say i can't remember name or handle- but you're an archivist, I promised to find you some Tragically Hip to listen to instead of Rush, as an example of Canadian music! And you made fun of me for saying "You Betcha"

    Anyone I missed?

    Hope to hear from you!
    Rob (tigs)

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    Re: To those who went to They Might Be Giants at DTD in October...

    I think I have a FaceBook account and if I do I will add you.

    It was great meeting you.

    Let me see if I can remember who all was there. Mccow1 and maryread were down in front with us. There was Dustysage, Monorail Man, Crazy Legs, Trader_Chris up in the balcony and ...? now I am drawing a blank.

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