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    Cool hope to meet some mice chatters first week in oct.

    My freind Don and I will be coming to Disneyland oct 1 to Oct 5 hope some of you will be there so we can say Hi.I was raised in the shadow of Disneyland and look forward to meeting some knowlegable Disney people.

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    Re: hope to meet some mice chatters first week in oct.

    That's during fall break for me, and Jimmie and may be there then.
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    Re: hope to meet some mice chatters first week in oct.

    MiceChatters don't go to Disneyland, they only talk about it.

    (I might be there, I have vacation pay coming that week)

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    Re: hope to meet some mice chatters first week in oct.

    If my calendar is right, you should see a LOT of Micechatters at the Sunday meet as it is one of the larger attended meets of the year -- Gay Days Sunday! Have fun and enjoy meeting some of the best people around this place. My first meet was Gay Days 06 and I still have great memories of how welcoming everyone was and how hard it was to leave and go back to my family time. Now, Micechat time at DL is part of my family time!
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    Re: hope to meet some mice chatters first week in oct.

    Indeed! The whole place will be crawling with MiceChatters the entire weekend! Once it gets closer an itinerary will most likely be posted with places and times that MiceChatters will be getting together!! Please feel free to join us at any time that weekend!!

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