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    D23 Funny Pages - A look into the comic vault

    Iíve always been fascinated by animation/comics. Maybe because Iíve always wanted to create my own, but was never a good enough artist to do so. One of the many things I have collected over the years, were clippings of comic strips and cartoons from magazines and newspapers that I found interesting and amusing.

    Often times, comics and cartoons reflect an image of the events of the time, and a general feeling of the atmosphere they were created in. These images were more pronounced in political cartoons of course, but even the regular, everyday strips had a certain feeling to them, picking up the mood and character from the era.

    It was in the early 30ís that Walt began writing a strip comic for the papers. Some websites credit Ub Iwerks with being the first artist to pen the drawings for this venture. Apparently, the drawing of the strip was soon taken over by a Floyd Gottfredson, when Ub left to open his own studio that same year. Walt did the stories and the writing, and artists created the images.

    Disney has now opened up their comic storage vault to share with us, via the D23 website Daily Comic section, strips from the past. It showcases the early works that were in print from the Disney studios from the 1930ís and beyond.

    D23 |

    Was Walt just trying to entertain the depression weary masses by creating a daily strip to be seen in papers across the country? Or was this an early example of Disney marketing at its most subtle... by getting the image of the product in front of as many people as possible, enticing them to want even more Disney?

    You decide. Iím just going to enjoy the comics.

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    Re: D23 Funny Pages - A look into the comic vault

    I am enjoying the daily comics on the D23 site, but I wish they would enlarge the images so the text can be more easily read.
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