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Thread: D23 survey.

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    Re: D23 survey.

    I answered the last question saying that we are a vocal bunch and hold Disney to a higher standard than regular companies, simply because of it's history. So, not to take advantage of the fans to make more money. I added some positive stuff in there too.

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    Re: D23 survey.

    Quote Originally Posted by NeverNeverland View Post
    I too mentioned that they should also remember that not all the fans live in the so cal area.
    This is a good point and one that I hope the people of Disney consider. If they really want this to work then they have to offer special events for fans not living by any of the parks. I know it's early but so far that has not been the case.

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    Re: D23 survey.

    Can someone post the survey questions so everyone can play?

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