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    D23 Studio Tour = DMR Deluxe Studio Tour?

    So I was on the movie rewards website, seeing how much I need to get prizes I want.

    And i came across their deluxe Disney Studios tour. Its a tour for two that takesyou to the studios and the archives. do you think this is the same thing D23 is aiming to bring to their members later this month and august?

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    Re: D23 Studio Tour = DMR Deluxe Studio Tour?

    Purchasing these guarantees at least smaller, more intimate experiences rather than as part of a group of 50-100. Either way as most people on the planet will never ever set foot on the lot or perhaps will in a very limited capacity these are still very unique opportunities to see the studio. FYI the latter of the two Disney Movie Rewards options is currently unavailable according to the site.

    The Walt Disney Studios: Special Private Tour for 4
    Visit the heart of Disney Magic: "the Lot" in Burbank, CA. An official Disney Archivist will guide you through the sights and lore of famous Studio buildings & the Disney Archives. Includes lunch at the Studio Commissary
    15,000 Points

    The Walt Disney Studios: Deluxe Private Tour for 2
    A truly exclusive experience for 2: visit the Disney Archives off-site large item storage facility, with props, special effects models and more. Plus, tour the Studio Lot & enjoy lunch in the Rotunda Executive Dining Room.
    20,000 Points

    The upcoming exclusive engagement for 'The Princess and the Frog' at the WDS will probably also bring club members to Burbank, who know perhaps similiar tour offerings might eventually include Pixar Animation Studios up north as well.
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