Disney legend and Imagineer, Marty Sklar, writes about a pivotal period for the Disney Company. Looking back at 1959 is like looking at the moment when Disney began its path to becoming a media giant.

1959 Tomorrowland Expansion - Photo Disney

'59 was a year of mega-expansion for Disneyland with the launch of the Submarine Voyage, Monorail, Matterhorn, Fantasyland Autopia, and Motor Boat Cruise. It was also the year that Sleeping Beauty was released (not the hit that we may think of it as) and the Shaggy Dog (a much bigger hit than some may think it to be).

This is a VERY interesting read, complete with Marty's thoughts on Disney's brand of "synergy" and how walt brought the movies and TV personalties into the parks. Read the full article on D23 -
Dateline Disney: 1959

I'm interested to hear your thoughts on how the films, company dynamics, and attractions of '59 through the 60s impacted the company we know and love today.