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    Re: D23 Members Screening of Ponyo - now sold out

    Thanks for the reports!

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    Re: D23 Members Screening of Ponyo - now sold out

    so here are a few photos from the day, it's not much though since we had to check-in all cameras + phones before entering the theater.

    anyways here goes...

    i noticed this a couple blocks down from the theater.
    g-force guinea pig = obama???? you better believe it!

    my brother + i decided to park in the hollywood +highland structure.
    after a bit of walking we were soon in front of the majestic el capitan.

    i loved it so much i took another!

    according to the e-mail we were sent we weren't suppose to check-in at will call until 6 pm. it was about 5:20ish at the time, so we just wandered into the soda fountain store.

    i always liked this disney vault/film strip cool, especially because it doesn't just have the "well-liked" films. yup, hahaha.

    there wasn't much to see, hahaha. + as JiminyCEsq mentioned there was sadly no "ponyo" merchandise, which wasn't a surprise to me but yeah, one can dream.

    it was now roughly 5:26ish? maybe, haha. + there were some random little crowds forming around the will call + entrance to the theater. luckily they let me get my tickets early. woot woot! we headed back across the street to get starbucks + our parking validated. yup.

    the sign BUT from a different viewpoint! amazing right? i'm sure ya'll are all jumping up from your seats at home with amazement seeing this.

    sorry! but here's another one BUT, BUT it has snoopy! yay!

    around 6ish we made our way back to a cozy little reception inside the theater. it was nice, especially since i hadn't eaten yet. yum!
    eating food that's free always makes it taste better right? hahaha.

    the menu included: cream puffs from beard papas, min corn dogs, ham sandwiches, yakitori, cold soba salad, + a cucumber salad with some type of garnish. the soba was actually really, really tasty. + since i saw the film once already i thought it was really cute that they included a ham sandwich on the menu. i chuckled to myself as i ate it. HAHAHA!

    plus the usual el capitan popcorn bucket + beverages was free. yay!

    anyways, my brother + i were standing near the side entrance on the first floor. as i was standing i looked to the doorway i noticed a large, recognizable body guard poking his head through the's big rob.

    ZOMG! OMJ! hahaha, nooooooooo, i didn't really react in such an obnoxious manner but i have no shame in admitting i'm a big jonas fan + the whole clan was there to support younger jonas, frankie, who voices "sosuke." nick j poked his head through soon after + we exchanged the manly head nod to one another. i turned to my brother to tell him who was here + somehow by the time i turned back my head within those 2.346763 seconds they disappeared. the extremely bite-sized noah cyrus (the voice of "ponyo") also made her entrance via the side door.

    there were also a good sort of recognizable people in attendance that made me super excited + feel very lucky to be there in the first place:
    -alice davis, masi oka, ben lyon (the film critic), cloris leachman (who also voices a character in the film). my brother + i thought we saw a sherman brother but we're not entirely sure. hahaha, a night of many brothers.

    we finally took out seats. after some fabulous organ playing, john lasseter introduced the fabulous miyazaki, who was given a much deserved standing ovation. mr. miyazaki gave a few very brief words + then our evening with "ponyo" began.

    i said it before but i really, really love the art direction of this movie. the style is a break from some of miyazaki's most recent work. the vibrant colors, the very raw's all so fun + carefree, it reminds me of this little film that i saw at the ghibli museum when i visited japan. the tone is so whimsical it reminded me of "totoro."

    a film like this made me realize how come i love animation so much + made me miss watching 2d films on the big screen. this film + it's playful, simplistic style is executed in such a beautiful manner, i just loved it. also the innocence of this film + it's characters couldn't help but make me feel all wamr + fuzzy inside. if anything i've been trying to think of a single word to describe this film, "CUTE" comes to mind but i know there's more to the film than just that...if i think of the right word. i let you all know when my great epiphany comes to me though, haha.

    i really love some of the english voice actors. many like frankie, noah + ms. tina fey did a get job (+ i'm not that big fan of dubs in the first place). if anything my only real issue with the film is not the voice acting but the dialogue. at times it's just too blatant...well when you watch the film, i'm sure you'll understand what i'm saying.

    in comparison with some of the other film's the studio has produced the conclusion is not too dramatic but follows with this essence of purity that again runs throughout the film. i think it has much to do with the fact that the film is delivered with a childlike, uncomplicated perspective. so the issue of great magnitude is not everyone dying + the world ending/etc. but that these two children are allowed to remain together. this situation in itself if solved so simply though, i'm sure audiences might not buy/like it as much though. still their persistent actions to accomplish this + the experiences they share together (as ordinary as they seem to them + the audience) do in fact become very extraordinary + powerful. their relationship reminded me of the nicest, most classic disney romances, haha.

    everyone sat through the credits. the jonas clan quickly exited in a promptly fashion + were gone in like 4.24242 seconds. the rest of us non-tween sensation folk exited much more slowly. after waiting a long while to get back my phone + camera, we left the majestic capitan...

    but not before taking more pictures of the poster!! yay!

    there's cloris leachman, who was super nice. she was signing autographs + taking pictures with all the fans that waited outside the entrance.

    after the theater cleared, like seriously within minutes of taking this photo. these posters were taken down.

    + within a couple minutes of this photo, the marquee changed back to that of g-force. sad. long live ponyo! haha.

    i still wish they would of offered this film at the capitan but oh wells. again a sad face is in order.


    oh + here be the tickets:

    i was hoping we would get some cool d23 goodie but we didn't, hahaha. but it didn't matter because i got to watch an amazingly beautiful, little movie in the same theater as its brilliant creator, john lasseter + the jonas brothers, which made my life + i say that with the utmost sincerity.
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    Re: D23 Members Screening of Ponyo - now sold out

    Great report! Love the photos.

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    Re: D23 Members Screening of Ponyo - now sold out

    Great report, shy kid!

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    Re: D23 Members Screening of Ponyo - now sold out

    Wonderful reports folks, thank you all so much for sharing with us. Sounds like an amazing film. Kudos to D23 for making it possible for the fans to participate.
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    Re: D23 Members Screening of Ponyo - now sold out

    Being from Florida, my boyfriend and I flew in Sunday night and checked out of our hotel on Monday morning. We went straight to Disney's Soda Fountain for a late breakfast/early lunch. Mmm. We shopped at the Studio Store and slummed around until 1:00 when we had tickets to see Disney's most recent film, G-Force. My opinions on that film are not for here, but I will say that Disney put together an excellent after show across the street at the G-Force Experience. They had sets from the film, lots of interactive games that would rival the Imagination Pavilion's Image Works, as well as a really cool obstacle course that we would have participated in had we not been so dressed up. It was a great way for us to kill a few hours that we otherwise would have spent walking around L.A. We later had dinner at the Pig & Whistle, which is somewhat of a Hollywood landmark.

    We picked up out tickets early and hung around outside. We met up with other friend's who are also D23 members, as well as *Arielle*, who I met at Disneyland U.S.A. When we were let in at 6, I became very sorry that I had paid for dinner. The food looked and smelled great, but we were too full to partake in any of the complimentary treats. We made our way downstairs where it was less crowded. We saw Imagineering legend Alice Davis and Hiro from NBC's Heroes, Masi Oka. There are probably less than 5 celebrities in the world that I would get excited over, one of which is Tina Fey, so it's probably a good thing she wasn't there. Our seats were great. We were just a few rows in front of the Jonas Brothers (OMG!!!!!), but I was much more excited to see Chloris Leachman, John Lasseter, Dick Cook, and of course, Hayao Myazaki.

    Going into the film, I was not only a huge fan of Myazaki, but of Studio Ghibli films in general. My boyfriend, however, was not. He had seen Howl's Moving Castle and wasn't inspired to watch more. He had seen a bit of My Neighbor Totoro thanks to me and he enjoyed what he saw (especially the song), but Ponyo is the second Ghibli film he has seen from start to finish. We both loved it, including the theme song at the end. It really reminds me of the music in Totoro and Kiki's Delivery Service, my other two favorites. I can understand why others on Mice Chat weren't so taken with it, but I hope a soundtrack will be released, or at least a single on iTunes. The song just oozes with pure Japanese goodness! I've been humming it ever since. "Ponyo, Ponyo, hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm..."

    I thought the animation was breathtaking, particularly the backgrounds. I couldn't tell if they were chalk or water color, or perhaps a mixture of the two, but they were gorgeous. For those who haven't seen it, or for those like me who will be going again, pay attention to scenes with moving grass. It often looks like it was done with chalk and I had never seen anything like it before in an animated film. As usual, the character's were entertaining and the US dub was perfectly cast. I was nervous about the fact that Disney had gone with the younger siblings of some of it's bigger stars, but Frankie Jonas and Noah Cyrus really did an excellent job. Dubbing a pre-existing animated film is not at all easy and you can tell that the team took a lot of care to make Ponyo's dub perfect. I'm still torn on whether this is my favorite Ghibli film and subsequent viewings will determine this for sure, but it definitely ranks in my top 3, with Totoro and Kiki.

    By now, I probably sound like a cheerleader for D23, but I really can't thank them enough for all of the wonderful experiences I have been lucky enough to have had ever since they launched on March 10th. Through them, I have had the pleasure to meet many of the legends that I look up to and have dreamed of meeting. They really make being a Disney fan so much easier than I ever thought possible. And thanks to them, I not only got to attend a movie premier, but it was for a movie by one of my favorite filmmakers. If they don't stop spoiling me, I may turn into Veruca Salt. I am so grateful and so awestruck by the amazing things that the small D23 team is able to do. They truly are magic makers.

    P.S: To any Totoro fans, I found two references in Ponyo. There is a string on a refrigerator that has the white Totoro dangling from it and there is a scene where Lisa, voiced by Tina Fey, sings "I'm happy as can be," a line from the song "Hey Let's Go."
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